Is an August MCAT too late to apply to DO schools this cycle?


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Apr 7, 2014
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    Hi everyone,

    I’m a non trad student who is looking to apply to DO schools this cycle. I am currently registered to take the mcat exam on July 31st but work has slowed my studying down quite a bit. I would be planning on taking the exam on August 15th and get my score back mid September since it’s past the two week reporting cutoff for August 1st.

    Do you think if I push my mcat date back this cycle it would hurt my chances for DO schools? My undergrad gpa isn’t great (3.0) but my grad gpa and post bacc gpa are very high (3.88 grad and 4.0 post bacc roughly 48 credits combined).

    My extracurriculars are pretty competitive too. I have tons of paid clinical experience, research with posters/publications, volunteer work with underserved communities and 200 hours shadowing DOs.

    Let me know your thoughts and good luck to everyone applying this cycle!
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