Is it bad to apply to too many opt schools?

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Apr 21, 2009
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Now that we have OPTOMCAS, I'm worried that schools will be able to see where else we applied to. Would it look bad if your number of schools is high? How many are you guys planning to apply to?

Haha, maybe I'm just being paranoid...

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I dont think it matters to much, if you goal is to become an optometrist then ofcourse you would want to apply to many as you possibly would attend if given an acceptance. It probably just shows more how much you want to go to optometry school..

Also you should probably try to apply to ones that you would actually attend, and not just apply for the hell of it.

I think the main reason you see a couple people applying to 2 or 3, is because they want to be close to home, and since there are not that many optometry schools it makes it harder to be close to home.
It doesn't look bad, if you know what you want to do then you want to make sure you have the best chance getting in.


I think 12 schools is a little much just based on the cost. Pick a few that you like and apply to those. I spent close to 3000 applying, Applied to 5 schools but only decided to attend TWO of the interviews!!! I don't want to think about the cost if I would have went to all of the interviews.
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Personally, I'll be applying to 5. One of which is a long-shot and one of which offers in-state tuition since my state doesn't have a college. Neither of which I'm sure I'd accept a seat at, but if I'm offered an invite for an interview, I'll base my decisions around the school and/or area.
It is bad...for your bank account.
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