Is there a viable path?


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Oct 12, 2011
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    Posting on behalf of a relative who asked for advice.

    He is a non-traditional student. On his first go in college he dealt with some mental health issues, struggled early, failed a few classes and dropped out. Later went back to school, got pretty good grades and now has had a successful career in EMS w/ critical care/instructor stuff 10+ years. Had intended to start retaking classes for grade replacement before finishing pre-recs and MCAT then apply exclusively to DO programs, but it seems that grade replacement longer exists.

    Without grade replacement, cGPA 2.8s, sGPA ~ 3.3. Has tons of clinical experience, leadership, volunteering and his grades would show an upward trend- but hard to boost the gpa enough with those Fs from 15+ years ago. Has always been an exceptional test taker, and I anticipate the MCAT would be a strength.

    I think he would make a great physician given the opportunity but don't want to give bad advice. Is there a viable path to medical school, especially w/o grade replacement? Just take what classes he can, boost the gpa (obviously > 3.0 would be ideal) and aim to rock the mcat? A post-bac/SMP?

    Appreciate any advice.


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  • Nov 18, 2017
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      You got it on the last paragraph. But specifically,

      Take some classes to boost cGPA to 3.0+ to avoid being screened out
      Do a 1-year SMP. Not a regular masters
      Rock the MCAT
      Have solid recs and clinical/non-clinical volunteering ECs ready to write about
      Have "multiple eyes vet his/her essays" as @Goro would say

      Accomplishing these things will make your friend a desirable candidate for vast majority of DO schools
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