Is there a way to re-do a UW test by question #'s etc (Reset the test, not the whole bank?)


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Apr 4, 2009

Looked but didn't find an option to re-set a 'tutor mode' test (so answers are gone, straight up retake it for repetition). Tried getting a question # list to recapitulate the test but can't figure it out. Looked online and only 'reset' I found was how to reset the software. Fail.

I wanna take the same test I took earlier. Willing to reset test or get question # list for whole test and reconstruct 'new' test. I can go subject by subject getting to all questions through 46 then using 'unused'. But once I do that once, I can't make sure I go through every question without huge amounts of repeating (just doing set after set of 46 till I get them all) because once you've 'used' a question once, you can't do 'unused' to make sure you get them all.

BTW I only know USMLE world step 1 - Kaplan or Rx etc aren't on the table. But, if you want to comment on those (or others) for the same issue, great!

I hope it's a really simple answer. Thanks for providing it!
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