Is there such a thing as submitting too many letters of recommendation?



Here is my situation:

I’m a D.O student applying to Internal Medicine. I have an above average application I think and am aiming for the most competitive academic programs I can get myself into.

I am planning on submitting the following as part of my ERAS application:

1. LOR from a gastroenterologist I rotated with in third year
2. LOR from a hospitalist I rotated with on a sub-I
3. LOR from a pulm/crit doc I rotated with on a sub-I
4. LOR from a cardiologist I rotated with on a fourth year elective

These are all in addition to:
1. Internal Medicine Department Chair letter from a professor of IM at my school
2. My MSPE (Dean’s Letter) which every student is required to submit as part of their residency application
3. My personal statement

Is this too many things? It just seems like a lot of reading for someone who is reviewing my application. They’ll end up having to read all seven of these things.

To be completely honest, I’m probably like 90% sure that I’m going to end up submitting all of these things as part of my application, but I just wanted to post on here and hear what others had to say on this topic.

I’m sure many people are going to ask me about the strength of all of my letters of recommendation and to answer that question in advance, I have no idea. I have seen none of the letters. All of my letter writers told me that I’m a strong candidate and that they would write me good letters. That’s all I have to go off of.

I can’t really imagine that this is something that could backfire on me. Like, is a PD really going to not offer me an interview because I submitted too many letters? If he or she only wants to read two letters of recommendation per applicant, then they can just read any two of my letters, but I’d really prefer to just have every program I apply to have all of the above components and do with them whatever they wish. Especially if all of the letters are strong, as my writers have told me. Wouldnt it reflect better on me as an applicant that there are many attendings who will vouch for me?

What are your opinions on this?


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You can upload as many LORs as you want, but can only submit 4 to any individual program. MSPE doesn't count. You have 5 LORs listed here (Chair letter counts as a LOR). Choose the 3 others you think will be best and go for it.
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