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Mar 28, 2015
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I don't care about this exam at all. Will be taking Level 2 1 week before I sit for CK. I want to put in as little as I can but also pass comfortably. Step 1 was 243, Level 1 was 538 though. Doing UW right now, havent started COMBANK at all. My OMM knowledge is terrible that is my only worry -- scored like 2 SDs below average for Level 2 lol

Edit: other comment I wrote on another thread just for context

Studying for my NBME IM shelf coming up in a few weeks. Getting a bit antsy as CK is around the corner at the end of June. What do people think -- end of May onwards to June 26, should I do UW incorrects + new AMBOSS / UW incorrects + Anki reviews that have built up from the year based on UW incorrects / new AMBOSS + Anki? I will have about 1300 UW incorrects, I'm sitting at a 60% correct right now with 20% of it left to go as I go through UW mostly on untimed, tutor mode.

My NBME shelves throughout the past year have been either average or below average. Hoping my IM shelf bodes well for me as I feel good about it. For me, I'm just using Cheesy Dorian, UW, some AMBOSS, and lots of Anki. Instead of using a textbook or review book, I've been utilizing AMBOSS library a lot and have found it pretty helpful. Still wish I had FA of sorts to refer to.
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Apr 11, 2020
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Combank and comquest are both crap resources you only need uworld. Using comquest for level three and after using uworld for 1/2 it’s like going from driving a Lexus to a fiat with a bent frame
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