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That's really tragic. Medical training is really stressful and sometimes without much support. I don't think we can generalize, though, because there are lots of factors that can contribute to suicide, including mental illness, other life stressors and substance usage.

I don't know the numbers on resident suicide, but it's rare. Still very sad though. Not to let programs off the hook, though, as there are things programs can do to provide support for residents.
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Dec 3, 2012
Heard from a resident that 1st year intern committed suicide. I had so many questions after hearing that from him, but couldn't ask him as he was rushing. But now I can't stop thinking, can things get that bad?
Deaths by suicide can be very difficult to process and bring out the best and worst among coworkers, teams, leaders, trainees.

Strong faculty/staff and senior residents will be able to provide a structure that gives space for uncertainty during difficult times like this.

Ideally, time is set aside to talk about it, with leaders providing whatever facts may be released to silence some of the rumors and help people bring up concerns and move forward.
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