Advertisement *Ivy league med student*: experienced personal statement, primary/secondary editor & mock interview

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Jun 21, 2018
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Dear all,

I am a medical student at a top 5 US medical school. I scored in the 99th percentile on the MCAT and was accepted to numerous top schools. I have significant experience editing medical school application materials from a wide variety of skill levels. I offer all services related to personal statements, primaries, and secondaries, including proof-reading, grammar, conceptual changes, etc. Students I have worked with have credited my editing and support as being a major part of their success in getting into top schools around the country; I know what these schools are looking for. I take pride in the fact that I do not stop editing until I am satisfied that I have honestly provided you with the best possible version of what you have given me.

I also have strong interview coaching skills that I developed over the course of interviewing at over a dozen schools and mentoring applicants. I also provide general advice for preparation for medical school applications, strategies to build an application, and study & time management strategies.

My prices reflect both i) that my time is very valuable, and ii) that I take what I do very seriously, and provide a high quality product. Above all, I see these prices as an investment in your application - we all know how expensive this process is, and doing it right the first time will mean you don't have to do it twice. The cost of my services are as follows:

Revisions: these are done through Microsoft word 'track changes.' It is useful to send me additional application materials so I can get a sense for what you have done. Note, I **do not write your essay for you**; rather, I take what you have done and help you get it to the best version it can be.
- Essays, personal statement, primary, secondary editing (within 7 days): First draft $100 --> $75 / subsequent draft
- Express edits (within 24 hours): +$50

Mentoring: this is done over the phone, with availability on the weekends
- Mentoring, coaching, advising, consulting: $100 / hour

***Please DM to request a revision or mentoring. I accept payment through paypal.***