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There a few internships I'm interested in applying to for the duration of the upcoming school year, but they don't really fit in with my application as a whole. One of them is working with children and observing them (psych based research kind of), there are some internships at a medical school that are science based but different from what I'm interested in/my current research, and there are even some forensic science ones.

However, they sound really fun and I'm interested in just interning there for experience.

I don't know how to word my question, but is it ok if I am fortunate enough to get the internship if it doesn't really fit the overall "theme" of my app?
It isn't necessary for every experience you have to relate to medicine or your primary interests. Also, you aren't required to list every experience on a med school application. If an experience is cool and different, it might help you stand out from the herd, though.
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