Sep 21, 2020
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I was wondering how everyone is getting veterinary experience hours during COVID. I’ve only been able to get a few hours from a local vet, when I try calling other vets to see if I am able to job shadow they say they can’t because of COVID. So I am wondering how I am supposed to get these hours, I don’t have a veterinary assistant job either which I have tried applying for but they look for more qualified candidates who have worked in a veterinary office before. Any suggestions would help!


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Jan 13, 2011
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I don't think there is an easy answer. Keep calling other places and extend the radius you're looking in, knowing it will be more of a hassle to get to them. Keep applying for kennel or assistant jobs to get your foot in the door.

Be creative and look for other options, like wildlife rehab, large-animal vets, equine vets, etc.

In a different thread people were talking about some virtual options, but I don't know anything about that and am not aware of it myself. Can search for that thread.

Just no magical answer, I think.
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