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July 10th?


Rule One: Take a Breath
10+ Year Member
Jul 26, 2009
The Big Bad Apple
  1. Non-Student
Hi! I have a question. Lets say your application is not verified by july 10th. Does aamc send applications to schools in waves? like every week? every two weeks? what is the downside of not being verified by july 10th?
1) AMCAS places verified application in the transmittal queue and they are sent out every business day, beginning July 10th
2) They are not sent in any particular order and all schools will initially intake application and reorder them into their particular process
3) Secondaries will get sent out by a school specific process which can be as fast as a day or as long as 3 months, 1-3 weeks being typical
4) Once you are complete (Primary, Secondary, MCAT, Letters) it can take a school 4-16 weeks (1-4 months) to process, evaluate and review your application
5) Applications are rarely evaluated and reviewed in chronological order. All incoming applications at some point ( or several) have priorities assigned with "stronger" or "more desirable" candidates moving to up in the order on a dynamic basis. High GPA/MCAT, EDP, High achievers, URM, family of alumni, feeder schools, associated UG programs, linked postbaccs, and other factor may push an app forward in the process.
6) the good practice of being early has now become an obsession with applicants. As long as you are complete, by late September ( Probably later as there are delays this cycle) there is no appreciable difference in your chances being transmitted July 10 over August 10. Perhaps getting secondaries earlier may help but most applicants woefully underestimate the time and effort needed to do them.
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