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Jun 24, 2002
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I submitted to AMCAS on July 1st and have not been verified yet. A friend of mine submitted on July 26th and already has his app transmitted to 6 schools. What is up, should I call???

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Feb 9, 2002
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I'm assuming you meant June 26th for your friend. Just chill out. It's only been a couple of weeks. Perhaps your transcripts haven't arrived yet or something else. Or perhaps AMCAS lost them. They've been known to do that. Anyways, I think everyone just needs to learn to be patient. Med school admissions, more than any other process you'll ever go through, is a waiting game. Getting your app in early is a little overrated b/c most schools interview applicants in tiers. Once your file is complete, they'll look over your numbers, and do one of three things: a) reject you right away, and cash the secondary application fee. b) interview you b/c you have kickass numbers and they'd love to have you, who wouldn't? or c) throw you in a hold pile with 10,000 other applicants whose files will be reviewed at alater date after all the all-stars have interviewed in September and October.
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