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Oct 10, 2002
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Chicago Med Sch 2 spots
Univ of Kentucky 1 spot
Tulane 1 spot
Union Memorial Hosp-MD 1 spot
North Oakland Medical Ctr- MI 1 spot

Just guessing here about the reason why these programs didn't fill...

UK - Didn't interview enough people, or ranked too few candidates. I interviewed there a couple of years ago, and it seemd like a decent place to train. I ranked it.

Tulane - See reason for UK not filling, plus they may have been too selective in making the rank list. Although, maybe people get turned off when they see Charity hospital, and hear the residents talk about how they draw labs, and transport patients (at least that was my experience when I interviewed there). Still, New Orleans is a wonderful city, and Tulane's prestige factor is huge... it seems quite odd that in the increasingly competitive surgery environment that Tulane didn't fill. I also ranked Tulane.

Chicago Med/Union Mem/North Oakland...no idea... i've never been there, and so i have no good knowledge upon which to even base a guess.