Just Finished my DATs

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Dec 27, 2012
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Ok so I just finished my DATs. My Scores were:

Perceptual Ability: 22
Quantitative Reasoning: 20
Reading Comprehension: 17
Biology: 20
General Chemistry: 29
Organic Chemistry: 28
Total Science: 23
Academic Average: 23

I am satisfied with my scores except for my reading comprehension. I was wondering how much this would be weighted on when I apply to dental schools. Also, does anyone know of any schools that really put a lot of importance on reading comprehension that I would not have a chance of getting into? This way I can focus on schools that I have a higher chance of getting into. Also, my overall GPA is a 3.68 which can become either a 3.6 or 3.7 this semester depending on how I do.

I appreciate the help and Thanks in advance.

SIDE NOTE for anyone studying for the DATS right now: The only study materials I used for the DATS were the Kaplan online course and what it came with and the DAT destroyer. This was efficient for everything but reading comprehension. Kaplan orgo and chem were great alone...imo the only thing i should have studied in addition to kaplan for them from DAT destroyer were the road maps. The DAT destroyer was a great supplement to kaplan for bio since it is such a broad topic. I went through all the kaplan stuff (workshops, quizzes, subject tests, lesson book) several times until I was scoring high. The only thing I did not go through completely from Kaplan was their review book, which I only used for biology. I did the DAT destroyer once and began my second round and was only able to finish bio.
Real PAT is harder than Kaplan PAT but not crazy harder. If you practice you wont have a hard time with many of them. All I used for the PAT section was Kaplan. The strategy I practiced with Kaplan was that I would try to finish with a good amt of time left...because I knew the real DAT would be harder and this way I could always go back to the harder ones on the real DAT.
Organic Chemistry and Chemistry are very similar to kaplan except there are less calculation based questions on the real DAT.
Biology was okay... I used to get 18s in my Kaplan practice exams and got a 20 in the actual one. So, I guess some questions were easier while there were a few that were pretty random.
Quantitative Reasoning was definitely harder on the real DAT....and the time limit for the problems is something to work on.
Reading Comprehension.... similar to kaplan... but I never did good in it and didnt know how i could improve.

Hope this helps!


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May 27, 2007
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Awesome scores. You rocked it.

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