Just got MCAT scores (35P). Have I shortened my school list too much? GPA 3.73

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Jun 3, 2010
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Hi guys.I've posted something similar before but I just got my MCAT scores so I'd like some feedback on my updated list.

MCAT 35P PS 12 VR 11 BS 12
cGPA 3.73 and sGPA 3.72 from UVA (prestigious state school) and I am a Virginia resident.

Undergrad major: Biology & Economics double
LORS: orgo professor, research mentor & professor, economics professor, and physician I've worked with for one year

- 1 year clinical volunteering at a rehab center in college (spend time with patients)
- 1 year molecular biology research w/ contribution to publication
- 1 year working as medical receptionist at a pediatrician in college
- 1 year working as a full-time medical assistant at an OBGYN since graduation - this includes several hundred hours of shadowing and working closely with multiple physicians. i will continue doing this up until matriculation.
- 15 hours shadowing a dermatologist, 25 hours shadowing 2 primary care MDs
- hobbies: photography, creative writing
- recently started volunteering at a soup kitchen in DC (1 month so far)

School List:

Virginia Tech
Wake Forest
Albert Einstein
SUNY Downstate

I've narrowed it down to these 13 due to cost concerns and the fact that I really don't want to leave the Southeast with the exception of New York. Is this list too short? Do I need more safeties?

Thanks for your time!!

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Many people choose to go more than this 20-25 but I think this list is fine if you know the geographic area you want to be in. I think you will have plenty of luck with this list as long as you stay on top of the app cycle and interview well. Your stats are good enough for a shot at Duke unless the expense of private institutions scares you away, but I see you have a few others on their anyway. With your stats, I would consider EVMS, VTC, VCU to be great in-state safety-mid schools. If you know you want to stay in the southeast, this list is good, if you wouldn't mind venturing out, I could think of 5-7 more you could potentially add. Good luck!!