Just submitted app! How long does verification take??


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Mar 17, 2006
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Hello all!

I finally submitted my app last friday and got a message saying that it might take up to 6 weeks to verify it. What has the wait time been like for you guys so far?

The reason I ask is because I am studying abroad with very limited access and I kinda wanted to plan ahead for the second wave of apps.

Also, for schools that don't screen their applicants, do they send you an email for their secondaries or do they automatically expect you to complete the secondaries right away? How long do you have to turn those secondaries in?

Thank you guys!

hasta luego


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Apr 23, 2006
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Seriously. Just go to the thread "April MCAT'ers submit AMCAS?" and go to the last page and you will find a HUGE GINORMOUS list of when people submitted and when they were verified. This is your best bet. In the future, LOOK through the posts before you do this. Thanks. :)
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