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Dec 13, 2005
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I did decent enough for 6 weeks out.. I really had no clue on several of the more "laboratory science" type questions. Part of the difference between the DO and MD curriculum I guess. I've also heard that NBME 3 is the hardest exam, any truth to that? What's a realistic point swing? 480 comes out to 214 but I would like 230. Here's my distribution:



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Sep 27, 2007
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You should have absolutely no problem getting a 230 if you are at 215 on NBME3 with 6 weeks to go. Just get a good schedule setup before you start and stick to that schedule. Make sure you cover everything at least once and do plenty of UW questions.


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Oct 13, 2005
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Looks good to me with 6 weeks left! I think there are certain areas that you "know" you are weak(er) in because you haven't gotten to them at all on your study schedule yet. I would expect that things will really start to click in once you have made it through every subject/system area thoroughly and start a more focused review of things that you know are high yield... things that keep popping up on NBME's and question banks, and things that you know you just keep forgetting. That's probably where a lot of ground will be covered quickly as far as score increase goes.

BTW, I just finished my first NBME (form 1) and just about had a heart attack. I saw my score, had no idea what that really meant, and scolled to the bottom to find the USMLE equivalent. I found my score and then scanned all the way across to see what was in the USMLE column... 145! I became very dizzy and disoriented. Then I realized there were four columns, and I has skipped all the way across to a different scaled score. I feel much better now. :)
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