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Oct 10, 2008
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Here are my scores:

Bio: 350
GC: 320
OC: 330
RC: 260 :mad:
Phy: 350
QR: 400

TS: 350
AA: 340

Although I did better than I expected on all subjects, I am so depressed about my RC score.. It's just too low... SUNY is my first choice and I don't know if they have minimum RC score like SCCo does..
I've been getting ~320-330 for RC on practice tests, but I felt like the actual test was much harder than the practice tests (I used TopScore and Kaplan small book). Even if I do retake it after 3 months, I am afraid that the seats will all be already filled..
What should I do? What are my chances with these scores?
My overall gpa is 3.4 and my science gpa is 3.2.
Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks.
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