KansasCOM vs another Gap year

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Apr 19, 2024
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Hello first thread here so sorry for any mistakes

Accepted into Kansas COM after WL and have yet to put a a deposit

waitlisted at Burrel

I have had an Interview with DMU and have not heard back yet (But am assuming being waitlisted)

Arkansas College of Oestopathic Medicine interview coming up

finishing 1-year masters in current gap year

Questions: Is it wise to consider waiting for another gap year to strengthen my application for the next cycle?

Should I just bite the bullet and go to KansasCOM? even though they are such a new school and have only preacrredition.

my top choice is DMU because of its proximity but am unsure about getting accepted there this cycle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Schools will question why you turned down an acceptance. It's a lot harder to reapply, so I would take the acceptance and run. At the worst, you are going to a medical school even if it's new.
Take the offer. You're getting a lot of attention as you are finishing your SMP it seems, so take your acceptance and let DMU know your LOI. This is no different from getting an offer at a job but you just interviewed at your preferred job and need an answer to be professional to the first company.
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I would take the offer unless there is a strong reason such as family or personal circumstances that you can not move. DO schools will know you were accepted and declined if you reapply which might make it harder for you to justify. And you never know you may hopefully get in DMU (and send LOI like advised above!) or even you still have the Arkansas interview coming up and WL at Burrel might turn into acceptance.

Now, if you were looking to reapply to MD schools, I am not sure if they will know or not that you turned down a DO acceptance. I know a few MD medical schools ask in their secondaries if you have ever been accepted to any medical schools or applied before.