Kaplan Behavioral Science Qs

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Jul 30, 2008
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I am an American (ie not Foreign or IMG) and have a very clear understanding of the law and would like to hope that I have common sense. Armed with both of these skills I cannot score >70% on Kaplan Qbank's Behavioral Science (BS, appropriately) because I continue to disagree even after checking the answers.

I am willing to sacrifice, transiently, wisdom for stupidity in the course of a standardized exam if it will contribute to a higher score, but unfortunately the stupidity appears to be unpredictable.

Let's be more concrete. A family is present with an inpatient that was just scanned (a head CT). When you return with the results, how do you approach the patient in the presence of the family?

I am willing to buy into the notion that a patient may wish to have his family outside the room but would not ask them to leave if you did not, but then we are getting into too many what-ifs. What is the rule here for the sake of the test?

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