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    ANY Using/used KAplan notes around ...

    I got Kaplan notes by mail today- 3 volumes.

    I still prefer BRS series for path/ pharm/physio/BS . Dunno why ..I guess these ones feels compact enough cf Kaplan .

    Does any have any comments ??

    I can't imagine how anyone could remember the whole KAplan notes bundle.

    I find the KAplan Q book quite useful, haven't started the CD ROM yet.
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    My wife is doing the live lecture here in DC starting on July 8th. We got her the Delux package which includes access to the previous video taped lectures as well as the 7 weeks live lecture, plus 4 months access to the Kaplan center. So far she likes it a lot. She is going through 3-5 video tapes per day, making notes in the course books as she goes along. After the 7 weeks of 8 hours per day live lecture, she is planning to go back through the Video taped lectures once again and catch the stuff which she couln't get in the live lecture.

    Overall she is impressed with the quality of the lecturers although she did mention that one particular lacturer just seemed to be going through the motions. Overall the books and the Live/Video lecture complement each other very well. (I think there is an option for video and books only that is $700-1000.) After the Kaplan study time is finished she is planning to further supplement her studies with "First Aid" and a few others, depending on where she still thinks she is weak.

    At $3700 it's a big commitment, but for an English as third language IMG it's definitely worth it. Since you are from an English speaking country, you likely won't need as much review though. Good luck!


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