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Apr 25, 2004
I was hoping for any adviice on the title topics. Are the Kaplan lecture notes for step 2 good? I think I can get them and I was wondering if they would be just as good, worse, or better than blueprints for the NBME shelf boards on clinical rotations. Are they good for the Step 2? What's the best way to prep for shelf boards? Thanks for the Help.


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Jan 23, 2003
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I used the Kaplan Step 2 notes for all of my Shelf exams and I felt that they were a pretty accurate portrayal of the material needed to do well on the exams. I tried to watch as many of the tapes I could additionally. If you can get the Step 2 books I think they are worth. Ones that are coming to mind especially are IM and peds. I never used the blueprints series, to me it just seemed like having another textbook (kind of deep). The Kaplan books are pretty good about giving you the gist of whats needed for exam purposes. Hope that helps. :luck:
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