kaplan step2ck live reviews anyone? or Becker?

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Jul 9, 2016
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Im an IMG, current resident of the USA. I got a poor score on step 1: 209. So i wanna do well for step 2 ck. prepared with UWorld and MTB Step 2. Didnt clear the NBME's. So i did 2 months of MedED as well. But i don't feel like I'm ready yet. I realise taking more time this year will make me late for the match. Hoping to give step 2 ck by end of aug and step2 cs by mid september.
Would a kaplan step 2 ck live review give me the structure and the pressure to bring it all together?
Could anyone provide me with reviews or their experiences with the same.
Is Becker better? They use the uworld question bank as their question bank...so i can just continue practising with the same.
Please share your experiences of how you guys brought it all together and do tell me about your experiences with kaplan/becker.