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kb: Canadian premed site

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Jim Henderson, Aug 23, 1999.

  1. Jim Henderson

    10+ Year Member

    Aug 22, 1999
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    from vijay:

    First of all, Dr. Henderson...
    Great site!! I hope you don't mind me posting this site up, but Canadian School content is seriously lacking!!

    Hey guys,

    I have put up a Canadian Premed Forum webiste,

    Below this paragraph is the updated list of messages.

    Enter as a guest, if you are not a member. As a guest you will be
    allowed only to read. if you join you can post. It doesn't cost
    anything to join, and you don't get any crap e-mails either! You make
    up your own password, and often times don't need to reenter it. Call
    yourself anon for all I care.

    Western housing? [1] Cutoffs and such. [5] MCAT cutoffs [2] General
    Discussion Ontario Tuitions [2] Truth or Rumor?? [1] Dual US/Canada
    Citizenship [4] Graduation Rates [1] University of Western Ontario [1]
    Medical Resources and handheld PCs [1] One choice, and one choice
    only... [4] Canadians In Foreign Schools [11] Canadian Tuition List...
    [5] Medical School Links [1] This is a link to Asad Raza's site... [1]
    Waiting Lists [4] Graduate students [3] Ontario Tuitions [2] Welcome
    Everyone [1] OMSAS Illness and "Reflect Academic Performan" [2] Lenth
    of time [3] MCAT What are the procedures for 'bailing' [3] Advice for
    final week before D-day [2] Need Practice Test IV in Toronto [5] Prep
    Books? How's this one? [8] MCAT...30 days remaining [9] Queen's What
    are the chances of Queen's 9V? [2] GPA Cutoffs [5] Rest Of Canada U
    Alberta or Calgary [6] MUN [11] Manitoba/Maritimes [1] Out of Province
    Applicants [1] GPA Canadian to AMCAS [7] Summer Courses [5] Medical
    School Links Canadians Applying to the US [1] OMSAS [1] AMCAS Covering
    all the bases [3] Ottawa Calculating wgpa? [5] Inside Ottawa [1]
    Cutoffs and such [3] Toronto MCAT + Admissions [3] Post-bac Are there
    any? [4] McMaster Information [2] Feedback [2] Graduate Students One
    year Masters [2]

    See you there,

    Vijay Anand

    [email protected]

    [This message has been edited by medicalstudent.net (edited August 23, 1999).]
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