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Keeping Syllabi PreStep 1?

Discussion in 'Step I' started by stiffany, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. stiffany

    stiffany Hurry up and wait... 5+ Year Member

    Nov 1, 2005
    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find it in using the search function. Is it useful to keep your syllabi from first and second years to study for Step 1? I would love to throw out the 15 lbs of stuff or so I've obtained this year, but don't want to regret that decision when I start studying for Step 1 come next year. Thoughts?
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  3. smq123

    smq123 John William Waterhouse Administrator Physician SDN Advisor 10+ Year Member

    Jan 9, 2006
    Generally, no, it's not useful.

    I kept some charts/tables/graphs that were really clear and concise, and pitched the rest.

    A lot of the stuff that you were taught first year is too detailed for Step 1, so there's no real use in keeping those syllabi. And, in any case, the bulk of your Step 1 studying will come from review books, with some supplementation from Harrison's or something.
  4. tfom08

    tfom08 2+ Year Member

    May 2, 2008
    I kept all of my materials for the first semester of M1. At that point, I looked at how big the stack was and immediately threw it all in the dumpster. I haven't kept anything after a test was over since. Reason being, there is no way I'm going to get through half of that stuff in the time I have to get ready for Step 1. It doesn't seem worth it to waste time sorting through low medium and high yield stuff when I can just pick up a book that already has all the material cut down into only high yield form.
  5. Pinkertinkle

    Pinkertinkle 2003 Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 16, 2003
    Not unless your prof is goljan himself.
  6. BobBarker

    BobBarker Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 13, 2005
    My prof was Goljan himself and I tossed it all pre step 1 in favor of his biochem, rap review path, and first aid.
  7. osli

    osli Senior Member 5+ Year Member

    Oct 13, 2005
    Our path notes are golden, but then they are available online too. I kept all my stuff, and have only dug into the stack when I ran across something in FA or RR or BRS or whatever that wasn't particularly clear, or was missing some information that I thought was key, and remembered it being covered well in a particular lecture. I'd find that lecture, look up whatever was bugging me, and then go back to the review books. So I've probably spent a total of half and hour with my notes in a month, and I could probably have googled for the information just as quickly.

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