Kigezi Med School-Uganda/UK announcement

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Oct 13, 2003
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Dear Colleague

Clinical Programme - Kigezi International School of Medicine

It is with great sadness and regret that I have to inform you that it is now apparent that the increasing burden of the School?s debt is making it impossible to meet the liabilities of the clinical programme. I pressed the Directors of the School for written guarantees that the school will be able to honour existing and any new commitments we take on. Unfortunately as yet no guarantees have been given.

This means that we will have to suspend our clinical programme in the US and UK

You will recall that our Mission as an International Medical School which was founded as a ?not for profit? non governmental organization in the Republic of Uganda, is threefold :
Firstly to promote the highest standards of medical education
Secondly to provide an international programme
Thirdly to provide humanitarian support to Kabale Hospital and the Kigezi region of Uganda

Over the last few years, we have made progress in all three areas thanks to the tremendous support we have had from our clinical faculty and the staff of the ?affiliated? hospitals in the UK and US and our own Regional Teaching Hospital in Kabale.

All of Our 50 graduates so far have passed the equivalent standards expected of US students in the USMLE Step 1, 2 and the CSA after completing our basic medical science programme run in Cambridge and our clinical programme in our core UK and US hospitals, and the mandatory 12 week practical clinical experience in Kabale. They are all practicing either in Kabale Uganda or in several states in the US.

With our clinical experience in three continents we have been able to provide our students with a unique blend of the traditional and more modern educational environments in both developed and developing counties and enable them to have even wider experience in many other counties throughout the world.

A new Clinical Education Centre has been built adjacent to Kabale Hospital which provides library facilities, a pathology laboratory, lecture space, a seminar room and administrative offices for the school which is used by the local faculty at the Hospital. Our students staying in secure and homely accommodation have contributed greatly to the local community in their work and our Ugandan graduates are now working as residents in the hospital. Around US $500,000 to 750,000 has been invested in Kabale each year.

We really need to continue to expand our programme and our Directors looked for further investment particularly to support development in Kabale. We also have not had the expected recruitment of students to our programme last year due to a sustained publicity campaign against us which resulted in a Court finding in our favour which can be viewed on <> docket no: 02CIC0016.

In April this year the Staff at the Cambridge Office were very pleased to hear that the plans worked out by our Directors to enlarge the school with a very significant investment by the Ugandan Government had been agreed and that the funding would be available in May. During that month I unexpectedly met the Minister of Health for Uganda during the World Health Assembly at a reception given by the American Ambassador in Geneva. He volunteered the information that the funding would definitely be arriving in June.

The Schools activities have been continued in anticipation of this investment. And there have been two other investors that have shown great interest in becoming additional stakeholders. However so far none of the anticipated funds have arrived. I also understand now that significant debts have accumulated to those of you who have given so much to the school already. Over this time the senior academic staff have not been drawing their salaries or being paid expenses in the hope that the school will be able to manage until the funding becomes available.

Even at this eleventh hour I do hope it might still be possible to maintain and develop our important venture.

Any further enquiries will need to be directed to the
Managing Director Mr Melvyn Mpambara at Kabale Hospital, PO Box 7Kabale, Uganda
or by e-mail [email protected]

Yours sincerely

Dr James Appleyard

The student contact for the weekend is my assistant Miss Barbara Flack who can be ?phoned between 10am and 12 noon and 2pm ? 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

There will also be a meeting of all students at the ERC on Monday 25th October at 7pm.