Lab Skeletons/Fishbones for MS Word?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by FDGB, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. FDGB

    FDGB Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Nov 28, 2004
    Does anyone have or know where I can get some skeletons/fishbones for lab values that I can import into MS Word? I am trying to do some writeups and would prefer not to have to write it in by hand since that will look crappy.

    Specifically I'm looking for the BMP(chem 7), CBC, Coags, but others are appreciated.

    I appreciate the help.
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  3. Dakota

    Dakota Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Sep 5, 2005
    I would make my own using "draw." The program is ok if you are just drawing straight lines ala lab value tables.
  4. lord_jeebus

    lord_jeebus 和魂洋才 SDN Moderator 10+ Year Member

    Jul 12, 2003
    What's the point of using shorthand if it takes longer? :confused:
  5. Flopotomist

    Flopotomist I love the Chicago USPS 7+ Year Member

    May 22, 2005
    It might be easier to just create a macro or template with the labs spelled out, then you can enter them in. It looks neater this way, and is frankly easier. When you import things that you draw, getting the numbers to line up neatly just looks weird.

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