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LazyP's time to give back....DAT Breakdown 9/27/13

Discussion in 'DAT Discussions' started by LazyP, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. LazyP


    Jul 16, 2013
    Let me first give my absolute thanks to Ari for DAT Bootcamp, SDN community, and CHAD!!! I read a lot of breakdowns and wanted to share mine. To those studying, please get off SDN from time to time, I had a particular hard time doing that!

    PA: 30
    QR: 22
    RC: 21
    Bio: 22
    GC: 24
    OC: 24
    TS: 23
    AA: 23

    Kaplan Course: I took the on-site class. Worth it? Probably not, but for me it was because my teacher was awesome and gave unique, sometimes funny, examples to remember things. The online resources are actually pretty good, I ended up using most of them. The practice exams are good too for the experience since the layout and everything is the same. I found it to be too expensive obviously.

    Chad's Video: Worth it. I am sure you guys know this by reading the other breakdowns but I will say it again: CHAD IS THE BEST!!! He explains everything so nicely! Most of the professors in college rarely, I really mean this, explain the info in a way which the students will learn best, instead they just throw a book at you and say read this many chapters and test in on monday blah blah. I have had professors from each end of the spectrum and I know everyone learns differently but thats just my opinion.

    DAT Bootcamp: Most representative of the exam. Great practice, love the Angle ranking generator! Equal part conceptual and calculations. So. Worth. it.

    Average scores: 25 (bio) 28 (Chem) 28 (O-chem) 25 (PAT) only did 1 of RC and QR the week before got like 22 for both

    DAT Destroyer/ Math Destroyer: I think its worth but if money is tight Chad and the internet should do fine. Only had time to go through it once, started it too late in the process of studying. Math Destroyer is good practice, obviously the actual QR is easier even though it had a few hard questions, which were covered in this book. I wish I started it earlier and not during the week before. I got a minor in Math, but start to study for this section from the beginning! Questions are doable.....but that TIME doe....practice practice practice.

    Barrons AP Bio/ Cliff 4th AP Bio/ Feralis Notes: Honestly I liked Barrons, simple to read and understand. I never used Cliffs and barely read the gold mine known as Feralis Notes.

    QVault Bio: Good practice avg was 25ish on all tests.

    Actual Test

    My nerves got to me....sitting there...I just stared at the screen for solid few minutes once it started. But got back on track. My advice: UNDERSTAND WHAT THE QUESTION IS ASKING YOU! Honestly my scores would have been higher if I had not read too much in to the questions (I know...Blasphemy!). Once I left, i searched the internet and my initial answers for like 7 questions in the science section were right. Don't change your first answer!

    Bio: Pretty simple but random with some hard questions. Cover your bases with various resources, relate how everything works and find examples which will help you better remember the concepts.

    GC: Was hoping a 30 here lol but I will take what I get. Again I read too much in the questions :)mad:) sometimes easy points are truly easy points! Chad should cover you here, but practice lots of questions

    OC: Same as GC, I read too much into questions :)mad:) DAT Destroyer does not hurt, great practice in my opinion! Know your fundamentals. Don't just memorize, making sense of why will help you learn better. Its been a year since I got GC/OC, Chad is all you need.

    PAT: I personally love PAT so it was a fun section for me, I learn best visually. I would recommend DAT Bootcamp for this, it truly is a valuable resource. Practice it everyday.

    RC: I am a slow reader so I ran out of time for the last passage, had to guess on last 7 questions. Had dense as well as interesting passages.

    QR: It was doable but could have done better if I had practiced more.

    Even though my inner Indian would have liked for higher GC/OC scores, I love my scores! (my mistakes cost me. I realize I am being picky but its because these sections were my best during all of my studying and thus I put them at a higher standard than the rest)

    Overall: Expose yourself to various resources to tackle a subject with different angles. Practice over and over again. Study a little bit of everything each day! Don't give up! I had days where I just wanted to give up but then I would tell myself that I gotta get rid of the laziness (my biggest downfall in life). Truly studying for this exam was the best experience for me as a person but mentally it was hell. Gotta hang in there and take things one at a time. Don't end up regretting about what you should have done but be proud of what you have done and the fact that you gave it all you had!

    Am I happy with my scores? Beyond doubt! :love:

    I probs have lot a errors in my breakdown and have materials to sell...

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    Last edited: Sep 27, 2013
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  3. mightymoose02

    mightymoose02 5+ Year Member

    Apr 13, 2011
    Los Angeles, CA
    Awesome scores. 30 on PAT? You got eagle eyes or something? :thumbup:

    Totally agree. :) Also mentioned this in my breakdown as well. I think a lot of people are missing out on such a good resource (if it's being ignored or overlooked).
  4. Jordwin

    Jordwin Probationary Status 5+ Year Member

    Jul 9, 2012
    Nice work! Relaxation time :)
  5. Dotoday

    Dotoday 7+ Year Member

    May 27, 2007
    Awesome scores. Very well done.

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  6. biomolecmed

    biomolecmed 2+ Year Member

    Apr 7, 2012
    Great job. Solid scores.

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