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May 17, 2003
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How much do you guys rely on your lecture notes in studying for your usmle? I'd imagine with piles of them it would really be hard to go through them, set up a table of contents + index. Does anyone know of someone who is so well organised? Do you keep your lecture notes after usmle, sell them off, or toss them?


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Feb 1, 2004
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The only topic that I wasn't able to find a good review book for was micro. Micro made ridiculously simple was too thorough for USMLE purposes, and first aid didn't have enough micro. Other then that, you can throw away your notes, unless your lectures are geared towards the USMLE. Then they still might be helpful. Mine were useless though. You should also be using your review books while you study for your classes to help you get used to using the review books too.
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