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Hey guys,

So if I am assigning Rec Letter Z to 5 medical schools, but I applied to 30 schools and the other 25 schools got all the letters in by July, but Rec Letter Z won't be turned in until August, would I be complete at the 25 medical schools that I didn't assign rec letter Z to?

Would the 25 medical schools already be reading over my application, but those 5 med schools waiting for rec letter Z would still be incomplete?
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Can't say for sure whether anyone will actually be reading your application :cool:, but you will be marked complete where you are complete, and not where you are not. If you look at prior cycle individual school threads, you will see MANY applications, at MANY schools, EVERY year, literally sit for months with absolutely no action after being marked complete. It's just part of the process.

It's worth keeping in mind that AMCAS is just a central conduit for your primary, transcript and LORs. After directing traffic to your schools, each application at each school is totally independent. Consequently, there is no one "complete." You will have 30 individual "completes," and each one will be determined by when secondaries, MCATs and LORs have been received.
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