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Jan 5, 2008
Hi all,
As I am gearing up to apply next year, I'm in the process of gathering lors. As I just spoke to one of my potential lor writers, I was told that they did not me that well despite the fact that I performed competently and that I should get a rec from someone who knew me longer as it would be stronger.

The thing is, the lor writer is allowing me to write the rec before he edits it. The reason why I want a rec from him is I performed clinical research that relates to my theme in my ps (serving the underserved, etc). When I asked him that his rec would mean a lot to me and my app, he said not to worry and gave me advice on how to write a strong lor and that he would edit and sign it.

My question is, given his initial hesistancy, should I still write the lor and have him edit it/sign it or is too much of a risk?

I'm trying to have the strongest app possible and would be grateful for your advice.


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Jul 1, 2015
You did research for him and he still doesn't know you??

It's not uncommon having students write out LoRs and have the Reference edit and sign it. It's unlikely that AdComs would contact your References, so if that is your only choice go for it. Hopefully by the time you apply he'll get to know you more and maybe add a bit more about you.
Jul 21, 2015
I feel like I really missed out on this write your own LoR thing, I would've taken full advantage of it if I had the chance. I would go for it, it seems like a very good source for a letter - unless you got other really good ones lined up.
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