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Feb 14, 2004
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    Hey everyone,

    I've been lurking for some time now and reading all of the posts, which have been extremely helpful. My question is: how will an admissions committee view pre-req's taken at a community college vs. a 4 year university? My degree (BS Political Science/Sociology minor) will be from TCU (Texas Christian) with a few sciences taken there but I would like to save some cash and get chemistry and physics at a local CC.

    I have a lot of nursing courses (switched majors a few months ago as a junior status) so I don't know how that will factor into everything...hopefully will be beneficial.

    Also, if I apply for admission 2006 (in other words start applying summer/fall 05), will I be ok if I lack biology (I already have a full year of A&P, but not bio...yet) and calculus? I will have completed them in May of 2006.

    Sorry for so many questions. Any information is greatly appreciated!!


    P.S. Is there a professional organization I can join in the meantime as a pre-optometry student?


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    Jan 16, 2004
      The pre req's that are required for optometry school do not need to be only from a four year university. Taking c.c equivalent courses are just fine, again, depending on the school. And as always experience in the field will always be a plus. Be prepared to also answer questions about why you're switching from nursing to optometry. Good luck, hope that helps.

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        Be prepared to have $25-$30,000 for tuition a year.
        Be prepared on how you will finance your education.
        Don't worry you'll get in somewhere.
        It's not med school and it's not ophthalmology residency programs.
        It's Optometry school. Don't worry you'll become an optometrist - how many admissions committee members are going to deny you that wish?
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