Life after the PTCB...


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May 17, 2004
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    To those of you who took the PTCB yesterday, how did you feel about it?
    I am SO unbelievably happy to have it behind me. Compared to the PCAT the PTCB was CAKE!

    I hope it doesn't really take two months to score. Does anyone know if they get it scored early?



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    Jul 28, 2005
      Studied a day before the test(8 hours with few breaks) and no experience in pharmacy, still thought it was really easy. People who work at pharmacy and take the classes offered by thier pharmacies must pass this one. I don't know about the previous exams, but this one was way easier than i expected it to be. i went to take the exam confident about the stuff i studied Math, abbreviations, inventory and laws etc. Didn't have time to study drugs names and classification. Just looked at it an hour before the exam and was able to answer 2-4 questions. I can feel the PTCB certificate in my hands!!!!! will know in 2 months


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      Nov 15, 2005
      1. Pre-Pharmacy
        I took 2 weeks, 4 to 5 hours a day or so to memorize every single one of the three hundred drugs in Delmar's guide, and everything about them. I was so disappointed when there was only about 12 to 15 questions or so out of the 150 regarding generic names, interractions, etc. I probably studied a total of 2 hours for everything else. Managed to pass it with flying colors. I guess at least I'm a bit more familiar with drugs that are out there, but geez what a waste of time otherwise.
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