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Mar 21, 2017
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Hello SDN friends,

As my departure date grows near I find myself wondering what my expenses will look like in the first year. I do not mean tuition but things such as housing, food and miscellaneous odds and ends. Obviously this will vary on what sort of lifestyle one is used to and looking for. I plan on renting a room near the university. I have found some as low as 125 AUD a week. I chose to assume I would get one at 200 AUD which equates to roughly 7500 USD a year and then food I assume would be another 7000-10000 usd for a year. So I am thinking outside of tuition the first year will cost me 20,000 to 25,000 dollars. Also, I do not intend on purchasing a car but that may change when I am there. Anyways, I always worked during my undergrad so I never had to rely on savings and calculate how much I could spend in a week so this sort of lifestyle is new to me. So what has the experience been for those of you there now or those of you who have already completed your education there? How did you plan for your expenses outside of tuition? Did you over estimate or under estimate how much you would need? Did you find anyways to reduce your expenses?

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