List of 2+4 Pharmacy schools?

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Sep 9, 2009
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I tried to search but I was unsuccessful...

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huh wats a 2+4 pharmacy school? :confused::confused:
I would say the majority of pharmacy schools are 2+4. Recently there have been several 3 year programs but I believe most of those actually require you to have an undergraduate degree. Can't say that this is a real trend, but it also seems like most schools in the northeast are the 0-6 programs. 2+4 does not guarantee you a seat in the pharmacy program since you will still have to apply to the pharmacy school after you have completed the required pre-reqs (2 years being the time you spend on the pre-reqs). You can find out more about each school individually at ACPE. They have a downloadable pharmacy school guide that tells you about each of the programs.
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@ OP - Google "Pharmacy schools in US". You will get your answer for all pharmacy schools in the US, but as far as 2+4 goes, versus 0-6, it's the most common type of pharmacy school out there.

huh can u explain that again :idea::sleep::sleep:
UoP has a 2+3 program which is even better. If you are in high school right now this would be the best route to go.
I tried to search but I was unsuccessful...

I know hampton university, and FAMU has a 2+4 program, im not sure about any other school goes. The thing about these programs is that although you still have to apply to the pharmacy school again, these students get first preference so I guess its an advantage toapply to those kind of schools.
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I tried to search but I was unsuccessful...
Are you looking for schools that give preference to students who did the 2 at the same institution, or just schools that require 2 years of pre-reqs?
Yes, I am looking for schools that give preference to students who did the 2 at the same institution. I'm in High School and my GPA is 3.0 because I am foreign and i get bad grades in English and my SATs are not too good so I can't apply to 0-6 year pharmacy programs.

My only other option is 2+4
Ferris has 2+4 but it can become 2+3 if you take classes during the summer. Purdue is 2+4, of course they are biased toward their students, so you have to go there from the get go.
University of New Mexico is now a 3+4 program.:cool: Yep we cool.
The information is right here on this website...

The following schools offer 6 year Pharm.D. programs. No prior college coursework is required. To determine if a school accepts transfer students, please visit the school's website.

Albany College of Pharmacy
Duquesne University
Florida A & M University
Hampton University
Massachusetts - Boston
Northeastern University
Ohio Northern University
Rutgers University
St. John's University
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
University of Connecticut
University of Findlay
University of Missouri at Kansas City
University of Rhode Island
University of Texas at Austin (see additional details)

University of the Pacific offers a 5-year, or "2+3," Pharm.D. program to qualified first-time freshmen. They also offer a 6-year, or "3+3," Pharm.D. program to freshmen who do not meet the requirements for the "2+3" program.

The University of Pittsburgh offers a conditional admission to a limited number of high school seniors, and if the student proceeds to meet set criteria for the first two years of the pre-pharmacy program, he or she will advance directly into the professional program.