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Location, Location, Location.


Senior Member
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15+ Year Member
Apr 25, 2003
Now I know when individuals apply to medical school that it is typically very difficult to gain entrance into out-of-state schools and select states like California, Nevada etc... I am wondering if residencies are the same way. Do residency programs give preference to individual who are from that specific state or is all that insignificant? Does it now depend on the medical school one attended, class rank, research, EC activities and step 1 USMLE scores? Would research look good even if an individual wasn't vying for an academic spot? How do most people select residencies to apply too? Is it based on location, image of the residency or perceived prestige? How many programs does a typical individual apply for? Should money be a factor in the decision?


beyond all hope

Senior Member
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Dec 18, 2003
Most residency programs don't care what state you're from. Unlike some med schools, which get funding from the state, residencies are funded by the federal government. It's usually the residents themselves who choose to do residency in their home state.

The other factors you mentioned: boards, grades. med school attended, research activitiies, letters and who-you-know are the big choosing factors.

Most pre-docs apply to 10-40 residency programs, but the number seems to rise every year. The more competative the speciality, usually the more applications. Some locations (Cali) tend to be more competative because they are nicer places to live.
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