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Looking for any advice/input


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Jan 26, 2010
  1. Pre-Dental
    Hey guys,

    I've been a member of SDN for quite some time now, planning on applying this upcoming cycle and wanted any input/advice I can get.

    So I'm in the process of finishing up my pre-reqs, will be finishing Ochem and Physics after this spring semester.

    These are my grades so far:

    at a quarter based university:

    Biology 1 - A-
    Biology 2 - C+ (retook and got an A)
    Biology 3 - D (retook and got an A)

    Chemistry 1 - B
    Chemistry 2 - C+ (retook and got an A) Lab - B
    Chemistry 3 - D (retook and got an A) Lab - B

    at a semester based university:

    Ochem 1 - A
    Ochem 2 - in progress will finish in spring 2013
    Ochem Lab - (only 1 lab for both ochem1/ochem2) planned in summer 2013

    Physics 1 - A+
    Physics 1 Lab - A
    Physics 2 - in progress will finish in spring 2013
    Physics 2 Lab - in progress will finish in spring 2013

    For some odd reason, there was no lab portion offered for any of the biology classes I took at the quarter based University (UCI).

    So to fulfill the lab portions for the pre-requisites, will be taking micro with lab, anatomy with lab, physio with lab. I'll be taking these in the spring and summer of 2013 as well.

    I wanted to apply as early as possible, and by June, I will be done with Ochem and Physics and one of the biology classes I mentioned above with lab. And the other Biology classes, I would be taking over the summer. Is this too many classes under "planned" when I start my application? I know it's hard to chance me because I haven't taken the DAT yet, but how am I looking so far?

    I just wanted to hear any inputs or advices you guys have on the current timeline I have right now. I'm debating when I should take the DAT, I'm thinking sometime in June/July and start studying near the end of spring semester.

    I currently have been volunteering at a hospital for almost a year now, and have 80 hours of shadowing a dentist, and will start shadowing another dentist within the next week.

    Sorry it's such a long post, but thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any input/advice you guys have!
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    Jul 10, 2012
    best coast
    1. Dental Student
      It would help if you could post your sgpa and ogpa since you do not have a DAT score yet. Also keep in mind that the courses you retook will still be calculated into your gpa. Taking your DAT ASAP would be a good idea as well. I do not think the amount of planned courses should be an issue especially since your prereqs will mostly be out of the way.
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      Jan 26, 2010
      1. Pre-Dental
        If I were to input my grades into AADSAS just to see the GPA the way they calculate it, and not submit it would it be okay?

        Like would it let me see my GPA without submitting it?
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