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Apr 16, 2008
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I will be completing my Au.D. this summer and I'm a bit lost as to what direction to take next. Many of my professors and supervisors have suggested I go on to complete a Ph.D, given the expected shortage of audiology researchers and professors. However I'm a bit hesitant, mostly due to the significant time and commitment required for successfully completing the degree. It seems daunting to sign up for another 3-4 years of school after already completing a lengthy graduate program. At the same time, I realize there would be many benefits and opportunities for an individual with both Au.D. and Ph.D degrees. Despite a lot of encouragement, I am quite on the fence about what to do. I'm not looking for anyone to make the decision for me, but I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts, insights, advice, etc., that might be helpful in my decision making. Thanks!

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Yeah that is one heck of a decision you have to make. I know for me personally, I want to do both, but not until all my current student loans are paid off. There is def a shortage of PhDs but there are plenty of jobs for AuDs. I would say if you are on the fence, try working clinically for a while and see how that feels. If you constantly wishing you were working on your PhD then go back to school. If not and you are happy, wait a while. I would say unless you are 100% committed to the PhD then try working first.

My best friend is in the interview stage of the PhD process and she is flying all over the country doing interviews and "meet and greats." While the schools are paying for the costs of the interviews it is quite time consuming, between the applications and the interviews. Also, you have to know which lab you would want to work in at each school you apply to. You have to know your general research interests, and I know for me I am still exploring those through clinic. Clinic is a good way for me to see where we are lacking in the field and what research needs to be done to further the field.

These are only my thoughts. If you go on to the PhD, more power to you. It is always nice to know that there are people out there furthering our knowledge and testing procedures for our patients. Good luck.

and P.S. sorry its so long lol