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Mar 10, 2007
Hey everybody, I've been accepted to both Ohio and Midwestern and am hoping to get some input from some students at both schools. Just from my initial impressions on both schools, I really think I'd be happy at either one.

For anybody willing to shed some light on the issue, how are the clinics from the perspective of somebody not giving a tour? I guess what I'm looking for is just how much experience you end up with, how many patients you see a week, the kind of procedures you get, how many of each procedure you need to graduate, etc.

Is having a nice sim-lab (midwestern) an advantage, or just something to blow lots of money on?

Midwesterns clinic apparently makes money. Does this mean they are producing faster practitioners or are they are just manged better?

And finally, how would you rate your classroom experience, quality of professors, how prepared you felt for the first boards, and how helpful classmates are (gunners?)?

Thanks for the help.