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Nov 26, 2008
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Heya...first and foremost, here's a little backstory.

I'm 26 years old...already have a degree in business and computer science. I started college at 18...and didn't really care much about it, since I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life at 18. During my first year in college, I didn't go much, and made quite a few D's and F's.

Then I decided to go into business management, and wasn't very passionate about it...but made B's and A's.

I completed my degree, and began working in management and IT at a hospital implementing electronic medical records, and dealing with the physicians there...especially the residency program. Before too long, I began to dislike my job, and was speaking with some of the residents and other physicians about how I was feeling. After speaking with them, I decided to do voluntary rounds and to see what their job was actually like. The more I saw, the more I fell in love with the entire concept of everything being a doctor was all about....so I decided to go back to school.

I have been in school for two years now, doing my pre-medical courses..and I have been more passionate about school, and the things I am learning, than I have ever been in my life. Since coming back to school..I have made straight A's in all of my courses including Organic Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physics...etc.

I recently finished my final pre-medical courses and took the MCATS (With a score of 34 [11ps 12vr 11bs]. However, I am extremely worried about applying...since my GPA is very low because of my first year in college when I was 18. It is also very difficult to bring my GPA up, since my overall semester hours are 140+

My overall GPA right now is 3.22
When I factor in GPA from my 2nd year on it's 3.48
And in the past two years it's been 4.00

Should I be worried about applying to medical school with a 3.22 overall GPA? How much will medical schools weigh in grades from 8 years ago when considering applicants?

I'm extremely worried and concerned that most medical schools will see a 3.22 and instantly overlook my application.

Thank you for any suggestions, or information.

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If you provide the following info you'll get more detailed advice:

1) State of residency
2) Quality of your LORs
3) Quality of your ECs
4) Your BCPM GPA (which according to your post will probably be pretty high)

But the general advice is this:

1) Given your upward trend and strong MCAT your GPA won't keep you out of medical school as long as you APPLY BROADLY. Your GPA while not strong isn't as bad as you may think. (See the Mdapps of people posting in the non-trad forum)
2) How successful you'll be will depend on the strength of other parts of your application as well. This means volunteering, patient contact, strong essays, and LORs.

Just based on the loose info you've given, I see no reason you can't be attending med school in 2010.

GOOD LUCK! I'll be rooting for you.
How foolish of me, here's the information you suggested:

1) Georgia
2) I have about 5 Letters of Recommendation from well-established physicians, as well as some college professors.
3) I have performed about 150 total volunteer hours in my spare time at the hospital that I work. Mostly doing CNA work to help out for volunteer hours. I also work in Neuroscience and have daily contact with patients at my job. I do tutor students in organic chemistry for an hour or two every wednesday. Also, I was selected by my Organic Chemistry professor to do volunteer labratory work in Research and Organic Synthesis..so I have been doing that about 10 hours a week as well.
4) My BCPM GPA is currently 3.84

i say DEFINITELY apply...apply broadly and early..whats the worst that can happen..your numbers are cool to me..and I am sure GA and FL will be kind towards you..lol