Looking into Physical Therapy School

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Oct 12, 2009
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I've started looking into Physical Therapy School and was wondering if have a chance at getting in and what I need to do to prepare to apply.

Currently I am an MS Student at Auburn's College of Vet Medicine and I'm a molecular biologist by training. My grades in Undergrad at AU weren't remarkable 2.9 overall and 3.0 in science. However my Grad GPA is a 4.0. I've published in J. Applied Micro, and currently have a grant so although my grades aren't stellar I have more than made up for it with research.

I know PT schools are readily looking for researchers but I'm sure the experience can't hurt. Any advice I could get would be really helpful. I'm particularly interested in Sports Medicine.

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Many schools factor in the last 60 units taken and prerequisites. If your total GPA is better than your undergrad you can probably get into at least one school if you apply to many.
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I had a 2.7 in undergrad as a Math Major in 1999.
I went to grad school for Sports Management a had a GPA of 3.6.
Then I had to take all the prerequisites because I hadnt had them yet. I took ALL of them at a community college to save money, and got a 4.0. I got in to all 4 schools I applied to, and didnt apply to more because I was already in. I applied to schools of all levels, having no idea how I would stack up. I ended up at Northwestern University in the fall of 2005 with a 25% scholarship. They seemed to really value my post undergrad activity. I had also been a high school teacher for 1 year.

Point being, my undergrad GPA seemed to have no negative effect with any of the schools. The others were Chapman Univ in California, Univ of Illinois-Chicago and Regis Univ in Denver. I was limited by schools that didnt require organic chem because I didnt take it.

My GRE scores were pretty good. 700 math, 570 verbal 5.0 written.

Hope that helps you.
mcon, do you feel your graduate schooling helped a lot getting into PT school?

Also, how old were you when you were accepted into PT school.