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Jun 23, 2008
I plan to e-submit my PharmCas application sometime this week to a school or two and I also plan to include the information for my Physics professor who will write me a letter. (she has not written the letter yet. So far I only have her e-mail address and phone number for PharmCas to contact.) Now if my professor will wait, until let's say, September to actually write and submit the letter will it be an issue since I am e-submitting right now? Also will it be possible to be granted an interview before one of the letters has yet to be submitted to Pharmcas?


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Nov 7, 2006
you can still e-submit your pharmcas app, and when pharmcas receives the letter, they will forward it to all the schools.
with that being said, if, worst case scenario, your prof submits it wayy late, some schools will not consider you because your application would be "incomplete" by their deadline.
an example of this is ucsf: all letters must be RECEIVED by UCSF by Nov 1st. so lets say your prof sends the letter on Nov 1st, or even Oct 31st, you might not be considered in that case.