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    I'm a MS III applying this year and I'm having a hard time getting a LOR. During my elective rotation, I mostly worked with residents in the clinic and did not get a chance to work directly with attendings (I would probably see an attn twice a week and each one would rotate every week). I didn't get a chance to ask for a LOR because I know they didn't know me well enough.

    What would be the take on getting an LOR from a PhD doing ophthalmology research that you've worked with for a couple months? I can get one letter from an ophthalmologist, but have a hard time getting a second letter.

    Can I just have 1 ophtho letter and the other two from surgery and medicine?

    Please help.
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    An ophtho letter from a PhD in ophtho is fine (I did that too), though I also had one from an ophtho attending. So while the letter that you're getting is fine, if you're asking if it substitutes for a clinical ophtho letter, I'm not certain if it does. And you've still got time to get involved with some clinical research with an ophtho attending (and if not that, then just take a couple of "vacation weeks" during the next two months, send an email to an ophtho attending, and shadow him/her to get a rec).

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