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Aug 23, 2005
So I told all my recommenders in June that I needed letters from them and they all said they would get them out long before the deadlines. But for some strange reason, only one of my letters arrived even though they were all sent! I got in touch with my rec’s again and they send them again (this is a month ago) but when I called around two weeks ago, one had arrived. So this time they all expressed them in and all but one arrived in time so I am pretty much screwed at all but two schools which will take them after nov. 15th! I feel so sick and disheartened. What happened? This sucks ballz…I know my recommenders sent them out but where they went…who knows? And I gave the right addresses as I sent them all the same e-mail and some got there. I just want to scream! I had to work so hard to make/save enough money to apply and it’s all gone down the drain. :scared: AHHHH!


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Jun 17, 2004
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One website:

Have your LORs sent there, and they electronically send them out for you. Many schools now take electronic LORs - and the receipt is instantaneous.
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