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Mar 10, 2013
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I have a family medicine and one psych letter uploaded and assigned but my other psych letter has not been uploaded yet. The writer is the program director and hasn't responded to the two email reminders I sent (one today and one two weeks ago). I am pretty certain he'll have it up eventually, just very unsure it'll be done by Sep 15th. Is this ok? Will programs give me interview offers without all 3 letters?

Also at this point what else can I do to remind him without hounding him? I plan on calling his secretary tomorrow morning to see if she knows anything and have her remind him too. I also have his cell phone number but that seems like crossing a line.


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Dec 2, 2004
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People, people, people...

Please moderate your paranoia about having a pristine application in at 12:01 on September 15.
Seriously. There will be PLENTY of interviews coming after October 1, even later. You will not miss out if you wait until the servers have had a chance to cool off from the uploads.
Do you really think that we are able to screen every application and issue every invitation by September 16? I'm not even going to open the website until the 17th...maybe later.

(And if your writer is a Program Director, I can assure you he knows when ERAS opens!)
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Dec 1, 2005
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Agree with OPD. There is nothing to worry about. Go ahead and submit your application. I would think it is only the rare program that would refuse to look at your application at this point. If in 3-4 weeks, he/she still has not done anything, then you could bug him/her.