Dec 5, 2018
Hi, my college's premed committee wants 4-6 LOR, and at least 1 science and 1 humanities. So far I have 3: research PI, chem prof who I took class and also TA for, and bio lab instructor. I need help deciding who to ask for my humanities. One option is my freshman writing instructor who taught me for one semester. He also happens to be my faculty advisor so I meet with him regularly and he knows my personality, but my premed advisor told me he could only speak about his experience as my writing instructor. Another option is my professor had for two semesters of a philosophy class. I participated a lot in class and went to office hours, but he probably knows me slightly less personally. Who should I ask? Should I ask both?

I'm also wondering whether most people only get letters from professors who taught them. I'm worried that adcoms only see how I am in the class room, and not how I perform "in the real world". With that said, I tutor at a local middle school, would a LOR from a teacher there be any good? What about volunteer coordinator at the hospital I shadow? Thanks!
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