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Jun 21, 2002
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heres my situation:
i am planning on taking organic next semester with a professor that is supposed to be one of the best in chem dept. and maybe even in the school. however, he is known to be hard but does curve very nicely and there are 140 students signed up for that class. Now my gen chem prof will be teaching organic also, and i know her style and there are only 90 students in that class. im planning on gettin a lor from my gen chem prof. but during the year i wasnt getting to know her as well as i shouldve. but ideally i would get a lor from the one orgo prof and my gen chem prof. do you think i should take orgo with the gen chem prof so that she could get to better know my science abilities or do you think i should stick with the orgo prof im with right now? do you think competing with a 140 other people will be tougher to get to be seen and harder for a lor? i know med schools differ on how many lors are required, but ill probably only have a couple more premed classes left (physics, and some bios).
any help would be extremely appreciated. thanks.


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Jul 22, 2002
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Hard to say. You're in the best position to figure out who'll be best. Is it possible to get noticed in one semester out of 140 students? Yes. But I'd personally stick with the prof you've had before, especially if she gave you an A. Be sure to talk with her before the class starts to re-introduce yourself to her and ask a few intelligent questions about how best to prepare for orgo. If you did well in general chem with her, you can always say something like "I learned gen chem just fine with how you taught it before...will organic be very different?"