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Aug 17, 2015
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Hello all,
I apologize for yet another one of these LOR threads, but I'd like to post up my personal situation and plan for applying next year 2016. I am a semi non-trad student, about 6 months from graduation and I have yet to take the MCAT (planning January 2016). So I'm thinking that leaves quite a bit of time for me to start preparing my application in terms of collecting my LORs.

My initial plan was to collect my LORs after my MCAT exam because I thought there wouldn't be any point in collecting LORs if I had scored a low MCAT, and I'd rather have all of my ducks in a row before asking. But I would like to know what input others may have in my case, and I appreciate any advice y'all have!

In addition, my UG is OOS, and so most of my LOR collecting will probably be through via email. I have been in touch with most of my potential LOR writers via email and have phone numbers also, so any advice/logistics on how I can approach my LOR requests would be great as well. I was thinking of including my PS, transcript, and resume...

TIA everyone


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Oct 13, 2011
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Get your LORs ASAP, don't wait. Your LOR writers shouldn't be writing about your MCAT score anyway. Have you seen the guide put out by AAMC for letter writers? It's quite helpful.

Try Interfolio. That's what I did; my letter writers simply had to upload or mail in their letters to this central service and I could send letters to AMCAS electronically from there. It's a wonderful thing.
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