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LOR Trouble!


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Sep 16, 2011
  1. Dental Student
    I am having the hardest time getting my final recommendation from one of my bio professors. From the few that I thought I would for sure get one from I got the following answers:

    -one said they remembered me and I was highly qualified but they only wrote them for people who work in her lab. she offered me a position the year before and I couldn't take it

    -the other said they remembered me but they only write them for people who got A+s......I got an A

    -asked another and they said they only write them for people in their lab

    -I thought I would try a shot at one that I knew from a smaller class but got a B+ and i got denied there too

    there were only so many professors that I got A's in and got went to office hours/tried to get to know well and I feel like I have run out of options. I got to a really big public university and all my classes are huge 300+ so its hard as it is and I figured they would cut people some slack.....

    My last option that i can think of is to try and get to know my bio professor in the next 3 weeks before finals because I am pretty sure I am going to get an A in that class and just delay my app a little. Do you guys think it can be done? i guess i can try and ask every single professor i've ever had but they are probably just going to say no.

    Am I just getting really unlucky? I'm freaking out and don't know what to do please help!


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    Feb 21, 2011
      Ask every professor you've ever taken. Tell everyone how much you need a letter. They might not be the best letters but if you're desperate, you can't be picky. You don't know they'll say "no" until you try. Drop by office hours and asking in person also helps. Bring your personal statement, transcript, and app.

      Or ask your pre health advisors for their help.


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      Sep 16, 2011
      1. Pre-Dental
        Jeez professors at your school seem very cold. Worst comes to worst you just might have to get one not-so-great sci LOR from whoever thats willing to write one like awesometeeth said. I would just try to meet with the professor in person and really let them know how much this means to you.. I'm sure someone will understand. Best of luck to you I'm sure it will work out just fine.


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        Apr 21, 2012
        1. Dental Student
          definitely get to know your bio professor these last three weeks. That'll help :) If your class will end in the next three weeks, then that's not too bad. Your app won't be delayed too much. Just go to office hours!
          Good luck!
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