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Feb 4, 2003
    Whats up Guys, I have a question for all the vets, how does the letters of reccomendation work, since I'll transfer from the community college to a four year university next spring, I'm wondering how I should go about approaching the letters of reccomendation issues with some of my current professors. I'm I correct in assuming that the professors have to send the letters of recommendation to the dental schools directly, or can I get some letters right now and keep it until I get ready to apply.
    Please help this poor rookie out, thanks :(


    :) UoMBCDSCo07 :)
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    Jul 23, 2002
      I guess I'll chime in since noone else hasn't yet.

      I would check your new school's career center and/or pre-health advisor. Chances are, this has happened many times before so I'm sure they'll tell you exactly what to do. But just to be a bit more specific, here's what I think will happen:

      Usually, 4-year institutions have a pre-health advisor and/or career center. Your career center should have something similar to a credential's office. THis is an office that can hold dean's letters, LORs, etc. for you "under lock and key" for a small price. If your school DOES have this type of service, you'd ask for LORs (either from profs from the community college and/or the 4-year institution). Have them deliver it directly to your school's credential's office for them to hold. Your credential's office can then send copies of your LORs *at your request) to the dental schools of your choice or to AADSAS.

      Word of caution: When it comes time for you to actually send out the LORs, I strongly recommend against sending them to AADSAS. Instead, have your credential's office send them directly to the dental schools. AADSAS is notorious for screwing up/delaying the LOR process.

      PENN Diddy

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      May 17, 2003
      West Philly
        Good question owusu,
        When you get to 4 year uni, go to career center & open up a Recommendations letter file. Then go back to your C.C. & ask the professors for a letter of rec that will be in a sealed envelope with their signature over the envelope flap to insure legitimacy. Then you can personally walk this letter over to the Career center & have it put in your Rec letters file. When you ready to send out AADSAS, they will send out any rec letter from a C.C. that you submitted as well as any rec letter from professors in the 4 year Uni. Hope this answered more questions than raise new ones.
        Best of luck!
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